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Mental Health

Good morning all hope all is well, I will like to know if anyone is struggling with mental health since they was Diagnosed with MS? I am asking because since I was diagnosed my mental health has been off so bad, maybe it is because I seem not to know how to except it fully especially when my little ones ask mommy are you okay.

Hi. I definitely have had out of character outbursts. Mostly anger and depression. It could be because of diagnosis or because of the disease or both 🤷‍♀️. I am definitely struggling with accepting my diagnosis. I believe we are meant to follow the grief cycle. I am currently seeking talking therapies, but I may need to consider anti depressants. Is there a healthcare provider for you to speak to about how you feel? I hope you can find some support.


Oh my goodness yes. I think a lot of us struggle with isolation, which so often leads to depression. When people ask if you're okay, and you always feel like you should say yes, when it really you're not. It is so helpful to find people who understand what it's like to live with a chronic health issue. I hope that you find those people here on this forum, who know what it feels like. Keep in touch!