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MRI scan soon! How did you find out?

Ok, so I was having allot of symptoms which started around the beginning of April and they started to fade away around mid June... it was the most painful and uncomfortable time of my life, I just didn’t feel myself at all... anyway I saw my doctor multiple times and almost felt like the doctor wasn’t taking it seriously... so I went to see another doctor, he thinks the problems I have been having are neaurology... I had done allot of research by this time and I mentioned it to him, I asked if it could be ms... he said it could be and also said that’s what he was thinking through this whole thing but tried to reassure me. I am positive i have ms.... it’s just a feeling i have. So I was wondering how did you find out you had ms? What were your symptoms? How long did it take to diagnose? And I was also wondering if anyone could tell me what it’s like having a mri on your brain? I think that is what’s terrifying me the most!