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Do you love cycling but find balance a problem?

I feel like my MS has got worse and I cannot walk very far anymore, but I do not want to use a wheelchair as I want to be upright for as long as possible. If I could ride my bike then I could travel further and would not feel so restricted. I am too unstable on my two wheel bike but I am convinced that if there was a cool looking three wheel bike then I would ride it. I am in the process of designing a trend setting solution and would like to know if you would consider this option too. I think that the horrendous trikes out there at the moment look child like, clumsy and for the aged - cycling for exercise and leisure activities with my family would be brilliant on a bike that I felt proud of being seen riding! I will have battery power on the bike for when pedalling becomes too tiring. Does anyone agree that there is a market for this?