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Cold sores and relapses??

Hey friends! So I am just wondering what peoples experience and/or knowledge of cold sores is with regards to MS relapses? I can feel my first cold sore brewing since my diagnosis and I’m feeling super fatigued. Not sure if the cold sore is a symptom of me being a bit run down, or if the cold sore is potentially affecting the MS. Does anyone know if the cold sore virus can trigger a relapse/ worsening symptoms?

I’m forever getting cold sores , especially after having Covid for 15 days. They are annoying


Hi I have suffer with cold sores for years, i started taking Lysine and now I rarely get a cold sore, also which sounds mad a old Farrier told me to pick some Rosemary herb boil for about 10 minutes cool and leave in the fridge,when you feel a cold sore coming tingling dab on the cold sore and keep putting on it will dry the cold sore and it will heal up really quickly do give it a go!