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Diagnosis disclosure

Hi, I know it's fiction but has anyone seen Coronation Street? A character in the program has just been diagnosed with MS. He has reluctantly told his Daughter but only because she witnessed some symptoms, he said he doesn't want anyone else to know. Is this reaction usual? I myself have been to see a Neurologist and have got an M.R.I. Appointment next week, up till now I haven't confided in anyone mainly because the symptoms I have had seem so random and to be honest the Neurologist I saw made me feel like my symptoms were imagined. How long do you usually wait for M.R.I. Results?

I was diagnosed when I was 18 and I did not want anyone to know, I'm 27 years old now and I still hate new people knowing or finding out, and I hate talking about it with people but everyone is different xx


Everyone is different when it comes to disclosure. It's a personal thing and it's what feels comfortable to you. Just remember, once you let this particular genie out of the bottle, you can't put it back! Regarding the MRI, the results have to be returned to the Neurologist, who needs to examine them and draw their conclusions. These conclusions may not be definite and further tests may be required. Give them a couple of weeks, then contact the Neuro's secretary and enquire about them.