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A permanent solution to a temporary problem

I have to admit, this seems quite tempting at times, I know its not a solution to anything in reality but the mind can work in mysterious ways sometimes. For those that know me, you'll find this kind of negativity quite unusual coming from me, I'm normally the one making the inappropriate jokes (incidentally, if you do have any amusing anecdotes, please add them below ;-)). This post it is more just a way for me to 'verbalize' my thoughts, I figured it may help some of you out there too. I've told my wife about these feelings, spoken with my GP who has prescribed me some anti depressants that I've been taking for the last six months it just feels like things have got a bit...worse recently (hence the title). I find myself getting angry at inconsequential little things, stuff that doesn't matter, things I have no business getting annoyed about. I get pissed off that I can't get a job and keep getting knock backs, I'm annoyed at the hand life seems to have dealt me. I guess you could say the wheels have finally fallen off the cart as it wasn't like I had a childhood that was exactly free of family dramas (different story). Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share, I feel a little better now :-).