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Hi Newbie here!! On Ocrevus, I want 2 connect 2 ppl that understand!😉

👋🏼 Hello! I joined Shift.MS when it first began and was very small. I’d forgotten tbh 🫣but having come across the site on FB lately, decided to sign up again. How gobsmacked was I that I HADN’T been forgotten and was greeted with welcome back FoxyLady!🦊 I really would like a few suggestions about how to navigate this site! I’m on infusions in St. James’ hospital in Dublin but live in Co Mayo. I changed from Galway last year and I honestly can’t believe the difference, I’m so happy that I made the leap…my MS nurse is wonderful! Anyway I’d love to chat with you all and make some connections; give advice and get advice and importantly, only we can relate to and understand MS’s symptoms. Sadly, without a neurological disease or neurological doctor..our symptoms are invisible, trying to explain the severity of them is nearly impossible. 🦊x

Hello and welcome back - It's a bit of a trip ok - from West to East. I'm glad it works for you - that's what counts. I'm Gerard - from Newry in Co. Down. I go every six months to Dungannon hospital every 6 months. I find the drug great. I wish you well.


Welcome back. I’m in Cork. Had my first Ocrevus infusion two weeks ago. Back in tomorrow for the second half.