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My neuro says my MS is running a benign course,...

I haven't really had a flare up for 15 years (I'm now 45). I would love to know if anyone else has been in this position and did it remain benign ? I realise I am very lucky, but wish I knew a bit more about the future.

@FayeAnna Hi there :) I was diagnosed last year, aged 56, after a relapse, but my neuro said I've had MS for 20 years - ever since I had optic neuritis back in 2001. When I look back there are plenty of signs of it (falls, fatigue, pins and needles in fingers). He said he doesn't use the term 'benign' as it can seem patronising or even misleading. He did however say that given how well I am after 20 years he is as confident as he can be, given the unpredictability of MS, that my MS will take a mild course. On the other hand the older we get the less we are likely to bounce back - neuroplasticity decreases with age - so he has put me on a DMD anyway. Hope that helps. I know what you mean about feeling lucky - I do too, in fact I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud saying I have MS as I am relatively unaffected by it, touch wood


Thank you so much for your reply, that makes me feel much more confident about the future. I'm showing signs like the ones you mentioned, pins and needles, falls. However, I'll remain positive now. I was offered medication but declined for now as I feel so well. Thanks again.