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Hello Shift.MSers. I was diagnosed with early PPMS (male, 28) in july, 4 months after breaking up with someone I still love. The break up was slow, painful, emotionally violent. Today I went for a drink with this person, mostly to share my MS diagnosis and my treatment plan with a newly approved drug for my condition. The response to the MS news was.... normal. Even though i was free to speak about it, not knowing anything about the disease leaves the recipient not knowing what this really means. Besides MS, I had to listen to how great life has been this past year, all the people he’s met and how fulfilling life has become after ‘going out of the closet’. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, suffering from rampant paranoia, with little-to-no social life (most of my friends are gone from the little town I live in), staled in the maturation of my homosexuality and with tons of work responsabilities to asume. I can fight MS, and I’ve made an effort to distance myself from a difficult relationship, but i feel like I can’t stand my life the last 3-4 years. I always thought relocating abroad would be an opportunity to start all over, but I am now scared to do that alone because of my MS. I feel it’s my only hope though... Sorry but I needed to express my anguish...