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Anyone have any experience with Extavia? I'm changing over from Avonex.

Three months in with the Avonex pen and I just can't do it anymore. It usually takes me a couple of hours to make myself do it and I dread it for days leading up to it. A couple of weeks ago I hit a nerve or something and it was painful further up my thigh from where I injected. This meant that last week I was more nervous than normal and after a few attempts of pushing the button, it shocked me when it finally worked so I automatically pulled it out and stuck it back in...three times. It's hilarious now and we all had a good laugh at me stabbing myself, but when it came to injecting this week I just couldn't do it. I told my MS nurse and they said not to put myself through it anymore and stop immediately. I was thinking I would just change to the Avonex without the pen but the MS nurse suggested Extavia, saying that it would probably be easier for me to inject. I had been thinking that and definitely agree! But...if the side effects are nearly as bad as Avonex I don't think I could handle it every other day. Also, I've done a little research and whist there is little positive feedback on Avonex actually working, there seems to be none on Extavia! Has anyone tried it? Sorry for the ramble!