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Today I'm fed up😥😥😥😥

I'm not doing good today. I've been crying all night & day. I'm tired of suffering. Now what I'm about to ask is a VERY VERY SERIOUS QUESTION. Once an animal is sick & would need medication for the rest of their lives more often than not it's better to put said animal down because it's a matter of quality versus quantity of life. Now I've been struggling for years with this horrible disease, it took my mom away from me when she passed away from complications brought on by the #EndMS. She suffered bad. I think that just like an animal human life should be based on quality versus quantity. The suffering I am going through is inhumane. And that's all I have to say about that.

Is there even one tiny thing in your life that makes you happy or feels good right now? Can you focus on that for five minutes and then see if there has been a shift in the way you feel right now?


@HeidiHelps thank you so much for taking a minute of your day to respond to my post. I greatly appreciate it. Yes there is one thing that I can do for 5 minutes to try and distract myself unfortunately it is my favorite things to do but it's getting harder & harder to do daily & that is playing guitar I've been playing guitar for a little over 30yrs now. I had to quit my last band because it was getting hard to play shows. I still keep a guitar beside my bed but it's getting harder to play with the loss of the feeling in my hands. But that's for another conversation.