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Got my MRI result today

So had my MRI on Thursday and was told 2-3 weeks for results. Neurologist called me today with results. She said I have multiple lesions and some of which pretty deep. She said my spine, cerebellum and something else was clear (can't remember the name). She said I'll have a lumber puncture on Friday but that's just as protocol and when I asked is there anything else it can be and that the lumbar puncture is just because she has to tick the box she said yes that's the reason she is doing it and she's sure it's MS... So it's MS. I knew it so why am I crying? Why am I questioning all the things I had planned in life for example trying for another baby after Xmas. And I'm just about to start a new job next week! How do I know which type it is? I wish I'd asked but I just didn't think of it at the time... My head hurts so much from all the thinking (and crying) I've been doing!

It's always a shock even when you know what to expect. Try not to worry too much I know that's easier said than done . After all the tests they will be able to tell you more and you will also have a nurse that you will be able to ask about anything that's worrying you. Try to remain positive xxx


@emma19 , you need a few days to get over this. We can do everything we can to prepare ourselves for this diagnosis, but it still hits hard. You need this time to put things back into perspective. MS is now a manageable condition, so any life plans/aspirations can still be achieved.