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Cocoa flavonoids and MS fatigue

there has been quite a bit of press around this. Apologies for bursting anyone's bubble, but this doesn't mean that it is helpful to gobble a jumbo-sized Dairy Milk every day. As nice as that may be! I have been going back and forth with the second author - Dr Jonny Collett - as we know one another quite well. I decided to dig into this a bit more as I want to add pure cacao powder to my smoothies if it is worth the effort. Jonny has kindly emailed me the study. it is preliminary and yet to be followed up on a scale where meaningful conclusions can be drawn. It looks like it may (note the use of the word may - every researcher uses may as the get out of jail free word - may be, may not be) The study is open-access, meaning it is free to view: https://jnnp.bmj.com/content/90/5/507#DC2 . To get to the specifics you need to be downloading the supplementary material 2 PDF. Who says science is dull? It certainly has sucked all the magic from hot chocolate for me. They used custom assembled packs of cocoa, one that was 10x the strength in flavonoids than the other. There is no mention of how this translates to the way us mere mortals have to buy chocolate/cocoa powder. I am talking to Jonny soon to see if he can translate this into something that can be bought and whether he thinks it is even worth it.

Thank you @dominics for diving into this! I’ve been wondering if I should add cocoa to my diet, and if so, what type, but I just thought about it, you took action. Glad you have the mental energy. Keep us posted. I love my dark chocolate, but I would love to have a target amount/type/form, once known. Maybe they need chocolate lovers to do more testing?🤔🍫