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Stem Cells transplant

Hi all, I shared a couple days ago my youtube channel about sharing my Stem Cells Transplant process and what I am going through. Today the doctor came in and told me that my isolation was lift (after 1week2days of transplant) because my white blood cells were high enough. He says he's surprised of the rapidity of my recovery. I wanted to know has anyone here had a stem cells transplant and would you be willing to share your experience? Thanks in advance

I had this procedure just without the stem cells. In 2010 they had a study of just rebooting your own system by high dosing cyclophosphamide (chemo) then waiting for white cell count to hit “true zero”. That took some time as I recall. Once at zero, they gave me shots of neupogen in the stomach (super fun😳) and that makes your femar bone start to produce new white blood cells. I’d say it took almost a week for them to start duplicating. My total procedure was just over 6 weeks. I know because I was in the hospital the entire time. So reading this, I too am amazed you recovered that quick! Did you just drop the white blood cell count or go to true zero? Doesn’t matter I guess as long as it works! You’ll feel great for 10 years+. So go do some awesome things! I went to Hawaii and learned to surf! My balance before the chemo- NO WAY could I have done that! After procedure I could also run again. Before-nope. So losing my hair and having to take a year to come all the way back from chemo, getting immunized again and all that….WORTH IT!! There may be a cure by the time you have symptoms again. Congratulations🧡 You are a warrior and that’s no easy procedure!


Also, tell me about you procedure, as I can’t follow your videos. I wish I spoke French. Sadly, I don’t