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Stress is the trigger for my relapses,whether that be mobility problems or waterworks issues! Is that the stage of ms progression I'm at? Relapsing!? Diagnosed 2018

Hi David. I am deeply affected by stress too. I didn't noticed what form of MS you have but you say you were diagnosed in 2018. I was diagnosed in december 2019. I just was finding ways to cope with that (long history of the fight my older had with the worst in MS possible). I also unexplained since a year. Then came the Covid... I noticed all my symptoms worsened significantly.( I could play pickleball this winter in Florida, now I use a walker) . I asked then my family doctor where am I Is that a relapse or what.? Still waiting for an appointment with my neurologist, I have my answer then. In the mean time, make a list of all the things that stress you watever the thing. Try to take one thing at a time and try to find a way you could relax. Have a nice day!


Bless you @david_elliott, do you realise on your profile you wrote that you were diagnosed in 1918? Wow, you are looking great for your age!!! :-) Stress is our enemy and has a huge impact. For example, I can walk relatively OK. One day at work, my boss told me that the inspectors were coming for a full-on inspection tomorrow. The flood of panic rushed through me; I went to make myself a cup of tea and I was completely immobile! I literally was unable to move; that wasn't the MS, it was the sudden shock and stress. It's happened a few times. If I sit and worry or get anxious about something, I suddenly find I find it hard to walk. Here's something from the MS Society website: https://www.mssociety.org.uk/about-ms/signs-and-symptoms/mental-health/stress-and-anxiety