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I was diagnosed with MS a year ago, sadly had a number of relapses. Rebif caused liver function issues, so they are putting me on Tysabri. When I read up on this drug the side effects scare me! Would be great to hear from anyone who is taking Tysabri? How are you finding the treatment etc

I'm not using Tysabri, but it seems to be getting good press as being a pretty effective treatment. Yes, this is a very negligible risk of PML. This risk is slightly increased dependant on your JC Virus status, but still remain negligible. In any event, you would be closely monitored. Hopefully, one of our Tysabri users will be along soon to give their view.


Hey! Im taking tysabris since May and my experience so far has been absolutely great compared to what I experienced with Extavia. The only down side about it is that in the first few times u have to go take it is the extra time u've got to be there.