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I am going trough a very rough time with depression right now. I am desperate, I don’t know what to do anymore. I do not have energy at all, I am tired all the time and get dizzy spells left and right everyday. I am in antidepressants, however I do not feel any difference. What can I do? My doctor is not in my town, and I can’t afford a trip to visit him right now. Help, my family does not understand how I feel.

I have periodically thought about seeing a counselor. I had several sessions back when I was diagnosed in 2005 but really didn’t feel like continuing at that point. I am always surprised that my neurologist doesn’t bring up the option of counseling. I am on antidepressants for pain but can’t say that it really helps me with depression. Sometimes family just wants to see you in your best light and tell you how good you look or reinforce the positive. So they may inadvertently miss the cues that your depression is REAL. I think MS and depression is REAL emotional and even spiritual warfare. Some days the struggle against negative thoughts is so BIG. That’s when I turn to a BIGGER God to help me with this battle! Praying that you get relief and help!


I would love to, however there are no providers here that are covered by my insurance. I would have to travel out of town, and I don’t have a car, nor license atm. There are no appointments in the dmv soon since mine just expired on my birthday in March. It is difficult. I have tried believe me. I will try to figure something with a school counselor at least.