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Hi im a newby hello all !! X Just wondering if anyone has had any of these symptoms Pins and needles mostly left hand side of body including face around eye Pain in joints Loss of vision in eye for 15 mins No feeling on top of foot Fainting Dizziness Sometimes spasms Rash on cheeks (rosacea) Black speckles in eye Burning toes Stapping pain on and off on left hand side of face Been on going now for years but slowly getting worse had to book a private visit to a neourologist because waiting time is 8 months xx just wondering if anyone has had these symptoms or not thanks This has been something ive been experiencing for years telling myself its a trapped nerve because i also have a slight pinching in my neck Has anyone eles had a pinching in there neck ??? Would appreciate the feed back x

Hello there, I get pins and needles and a sort of numbness in my legs, feet and hands. I get dizzy and unstable sometimes, almost like I am drunk! I have not experienced any of the other symptoms that you have listed. When is your appointment with the neuro? I hope it goes okay xx


Hello Bettyarcher thank you so much for your reply x my appointment is on the 16th of march xx