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PIP Payment Today

I applied for PIP in November. I went for an assessment in January and failed to qualify - scoring 2 0's. I reapplied (sorry can't think of the proper word :D) after failing and someone from the DWP called me on Monday and spent 25 minutes on the phone with me going through how MS affects my day to day life. I looked in my bank today and a PIP payment has gone in, so it looks like my challenging of the original decision paid off. I am just awaiting confirmation now in writing to see what I scored. Hopefully it will arrive in the post over the next couple of days. It is good news and I was originally thrilled...but then the reality started to hit, that they agree that I am not as good as I used to be. I am not going to dwell on that though, because even though it's a small amount per month, at least it will help bulk up my monthly income. I'm self-employed and my hours have dropped from 40 to 50 hours per week to about six as clients have ended contracts with me one by one. My clients didn't feel comfortable working with me in case I had to go off sick for a long time, which I can understand as they have to protect their own business, but it has been very sad after running my business for 14 years. So, all in all, happy news :)

Hi. I totally agree with your post. It feels like a “yeah”, and then becomes an “oh.”


Great news re your PIP I went through the same thing and with attempting to get a blue badge - I was accepted for pip on the second attempt and was automatically approved for a blue badge (3 years/ 3 attempts) so that was a win. I too am self employed and think a lot has to do with not really know about M.S and sadly it’s up to us and forums / charities etc to talk and educate about it and make people more aware. We’re all so very different with our symptoms as we all know! Good luck ..