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Too many injections?

Last Thursday, I was given a Covid booster and my flu jab. My Kesimpta was also due on Friday. Since Monday, I have been feeling incredibly lightheaded and have also had a weeping bellybutton oddly? I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon but I’m doubtful that will do anything to help me. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I also find that I cannot get through to my MS nurse, nor my neurologists assistant. I am based in the north-west of England and wondered if anyone else is struggling with any service?

Sounds very strange to have a weeping belly button. Not heard of that in relation to MS. Hope your doc can help you out. You could be light headed with so many injections at once. Take care and let us know how it goes


I'm on Kesimpta and you are not supposed to have any vaccines within 2 weeks of the Kesimpta injection. So 2 months ago I did my injection, waited 14 days, got the bivalent covid vaccine, waited 14 days, did my auto injection, waited 14 days, did my flu vaccine, 14 days later did my injection... I'm sorry that wasn't made clear to you and I do hope you feel better soon!