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Ok, so this is a strange thing to ask cos I'm always positive about my MS and I'll be damned if it gets in my way...but I've kinda decided to enter the dating pool again...thing is, unless I tell people, you don't know I have MS so do I tell people before I go on dates or after? My MS doesn't define me but being as my ex left me halfway through my diagnosis, it's kinda hard to gage how others would react to it. Noone I know cares and just treat me the exact same or take over when I'm tired which is lovely but this has got me alittle? 😊

Maybe not right away, but not too long either. Start a conversation about such things. It is not an easy topic to bring up, but if someone has a problem with it, then you know they are not the right one. Just remember to not over worry about it, worrying about it can cause more stress, which we all know is bad. Good luck, I hope this helps


@Chezy just my opinion, if it was me I wouldnt tell them, not before and not after the first or second dates. My diagnosis doesnt define who I am. Unfortunately there will be people who dont f-ing know but decide to just define by your condition. U'll be that chick with MS. Im not just that chick with MS, there's a thousand other things more interesting about me, that you can love me or leave me for. Isnt it some kind of discrimination if we pick & choose people based on their health conditions. Why should I disclose my health condition to someone who I dont actually have a relationship with? Never realised it so much before being diagnosed but ablism is one of the most pervasive forms of discrimination thats not really spoken about. MS is biological weakness, people have all sorts of weaknesses, psychological, emotional and weakness of character. If it was me I would want a person to get to know me, know me real well and when Im ready to share because we have reach that level of emotional intimacy I would tell them and l'd watch their reaction very closely.