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Documentaries and Diets

So I just watched "Living Proof" for the first time and was floored! Would definitely recommend! Wanted to know if anyone else has seen it, your thoughts, and if not, recommend it! After I found out about it, about a month ago, I started doing research into Matt Embry and the diet his father had created for him. It actually matched some of the things I had already found. I talked to my doctor and she agreed, but say start slow, so we agreed to work on thw gluten, milk,, peanuts, and bean. What are some dietary changes y'all have made to help your MS?

Hi there @carolynbrooks read Dr. Amy Myers (she has auntoimmune condition) book The Autoimmune Solution and anything by Dr. Terry Wahls (she has MS).


I cut out : Sugar -replaced with stevia or fruit Dairy expect grass fed butter and goat milk products like kefir, and sometimes parmesan cheese sneaks in Gluten - all forms and they are so many gluten free options for everything Processed food - I dont really snack now ill have instead nuts or seeds or fruit or an actual meal. I'll have a naughty treat or some junk food now and then but it has to be damn worth it