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Been feeling abit down atm, thought id give poetry a try, sorry

I am the inconvenient friend I am the inconvenient truth No one likes disability Therefore no one likes me I am the inconvenient friend Get what you need Then run and leave I am the inconvenient friend Prove yourself worthless While I try to be worthy I am the unlovable friend Lonely forever With few to share I am the inconvenient friend I'm sorry for bothering you

Do not be sorry for being brave enough to write poetry and then share it with the world! Good job. If we are all honest with ourselves, we can identify with the sentiment of your post. Maybe not every day—-but there are certainly some days where it seems like this illness pushes people away. But it also changes me….there are days when I don’t want to be around me, for my grumpiness, my moodiness, my lack of energy and inability to run around town. So how can I truly blame others for either staying away or not knowing what to say.


Just remember that an “inconvenient friend” can still be someone’s best friend. God knows there are people who still need us to be their friend. Don’t give up on reaching out to others with that expectation. Real friendships survive all kinds of challenges!