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Support for families?

Hey everyone, apologies for 2 posts in one day! My youngest is 14 and asking where she can get information about MS. Obviously there’s lots of frightening stuff online so just wondering if anyone knows of any teen/child friendly resources? She’s a young 14 and feel loss and worry over it very deeply following the death of her brother (my step son) 5 years ago. Thanks xx

https://www.mssociety.org.uk/care-and-support/everyday-living/family-and-relationships/telling-people-you-have-ms/talking-to-children This might be a bit too young for her but there are videos and explainers that can be starting resources for her and you. Good luck.


I'd contact your nearest MS society, as I believe some have child-friendly information. If memory serves, in the U.S., the National MS Society has some resources along those lines. To be candid, I'd try to find a psychologist/psychiatrist with MS expertise to support her ... lots of baggage :(