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Work issues

Hello all, just wondering if anyone has had anything like this. I've had pretty severe symptoms since my diagnosis which made doing my job as a QC Lab manager for a chemical manufacturer pretty hard. The company offered me a different full time permanent job, more office based, less time critical work, could be done mostly from home, that sort of thing. I accepted the new role and started last March. My boss has just told me that he only has about 3-4 months of work for me left, and after that my options are basically my job ends or go off on long term sick and claim 75% of my salary on the company's insurance. What are my rights here (UK based)? Thanks.

Ive had more or less the same situation. I was in a construction lab testing materials lots of physical work and have been off for 6/7 months. They offered me other positions but didnt fit in with occupational health guidlines of no strict deadlines and not dealing with too much information at the one time. They let me go shortly after. It was horrible to have to do it but was no other option. I honistly feel a big weight has been lifted off my back and can actualy focus on myself more now. That job was my career and loved it untill MS came along and ruind it. I hope you find the answers you are looking for here but i just wanted to let you know your not alone. If you want to ask anything feel free.


Hey! I’m UK based too. I’ve been really lucky with my workplace (so far). But I did do a bunch of research as I also have a job that involves time critical decision making and was worried about how I would get on. I would speak with your HR department and get occupational health input if you have it where you work. Multiple sclerosis in the UK is automatically considered a disability and therefore protected under the disability act. Your employer has to show that they are making reasonable adjustments for you. There’s info on the MS Society website here https://www.mssociety.org.uk/care-and-support/everyday-living/working-and-ms/work-ms-and-you