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What are your main MS symptoms?

Hey everyone 👋 I wanted to share some amazing interviews we did with Shift.ms members about their MS symptoms and how it affect their day-to-day lives. I found these mega useful when I first joined here so I thought I’d reshare them :) Check the videos out below👇 • Grace on sensory Issues - https://bit.ly/symptoms-sensory • Dean on spasms - https://bit.ly/symptoms-spasms • Paula on brain fog - https://bit.ly/symptoms-brainfog • Kirsty on vision problems - https://bit.ly/symptoms-eyesight • Dean on MS fatigue - https://bit.ly/symptoms-fatigue • Marlo on balance issues - https://bit.ly/symptoms-balance • Shaun on MS & intimacy - https://bit.ly/symptoms-sex • Dean on bladder issues - https://bit.ly/symptoms-bladder-bowel • Marlo on speech problems - https://bit.ly/symptoms-speech • Grace on mobility issues - https://bit.ly/symptoms-mobility • Kirsty on pain with MS - https://bit.ly/symptoms-pain

Not 100% sure. Still learning in lots of ways, if that makes sense. I definitely have a permanent numbness / pins & needles type sensation in my right lower leg & foot. Sometimes have what I refer to as a sideways crab walk (used to worry people might think I was drunk). Get significant pain in my head above right brow that lasts for days if I’ve been mega stressed / under too much pressure (I assume that’s ms, but might not be). Sometimes get bad cramping in lower calf muscles & scared to do a morning body stretch. Core muscles very weak (I should do exercise). Lower back pains. Can no longer sit on the floor, or wear killer heels 👠. Oh, and I’m super stiff after being laid down asleep, or sat for long periods. Don’t know if anyone else gets these?


Brain fog, dizziness, pain in right hip and right leg, pins and needles in my feet, stiff when I stand for too long, fatigued most of the time...and that's on a good day 🤭