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Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing OK. So, for a second Christmas in a row, I have coronavirus. I feel absolutely dreadful, worse than when I had it last year. I've had 5 covid vaccinations in total. I sent my lateral flow test result to the NHS and have been told they are only offering treatment to people who are unwell enough with covid to be in hospital now. So just a heads up for anyone who tested positive for covid! Not sure whether it's just my area or in general!

Hey. Sorry to hear you have covid... At Christmas too. Again! ☹️ We're you sent a priority test in the post? This should enable you to access the antivirals they use for high-risk people. The first time I had it this year I sent my test off and I was then contacted by the NHS and sent the pills (they never arrived and I couldn't get hold of anyone to help, but that's another story!). The second time I couldn't find my priority test so I contacted my MS nurse and she got onto it straight away and I had them the next day. They leave a vile taste in your mouth but they were amazing and I was feeling better AND testing negative by day 4. Definitely worth chasing if you're feeling rough with it ❤️


I think this may be a regional thing, as I tested positive last night and had antivirals dropped off today. May be worth calling 111 to double check? Definitely worth following up with them or your MS team to confirm. Fingers crossed you're feeling better soon x