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Steroids for relapse. Experiences please

I am in the midst of my first noticeable flare up. Last year I was seen in a relapse clinic, although my symptoms were not as bad as they are currently! I turned down steroids because I had a very low mood at the time and I did not want to face being on a downer after I came off the steroids. I was fearful then and I am fearful now. I also worry about not being able to sleep during the course. My symptoms are more debilitating this time around and I need and want to get through this flare up soon. I'd really appreciate hearing from those of you who have been through the steroid experience. My treating hospital is in central London and their practice seems to be 5 days of oral steroids. DId the steroids speed up recovery through that event? Did you have insomnia? Were you very depressed for a while after? Would you take steroids again or avoid ?