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Ask your questions about sex

Folks: the new People's Hot Topic has been decided. Outscoring cannabis and CCSVI by ruddy loads; it is sex. Please ask your questions on this form: https://shift.ms/2012/06/ask-your-questions-about-sex/ The name you use will be read out by our expert when answering your question on video. You can use your Shift.ms username, your own name or NO NAME at all if you prefer. I'll give the questions to our expert in one week - so get your question in by next Wed. :)



Who's going to start this SEXY post off then!!! all Im saying is that when I flop into bed I just want to sleep !!!



Interesting subject, I'm a bit of a committed bachelor (yes I see the paradox there) in my own life these days. Not really bothered about sex though i am a romantic at heart I think, preferring to woo rather than grunt as it were when it comes down to affairs of the heart Be interesting to see other peoples posts on this subject.



Perhaps that's why I'm still a bachelor haha! :)



i agree i don't have the most passionate of sex lives but hubby and i still have intimacy mainly in the cuddling department which last about 10 mins before i'm fast asleep!!! the worst part for me is when i want sex and have enough energy to contemplate it hubby isn't usually in the mood for it - so i am frustrated and just wish he could time his libido for the same time when i have energy!!!!!!!! the law of the sod strikes again!!!!!! :-)



soon as i got diagnosed i lost the sex drive for sex :( me and my partner hardly have it anymore and its ending our relationship slowly but surely. need get it back on track since am only a teen feel old tbh!



I don't have the energy for it either, expecially not by the time evening comes. When he wants it, I'm not keen and vice versa. It's a shame we can sync our libidos. And having the energy for a full on session is difficult. I suppose a quick guide to having the most fun for the least energy input would be good. Makes me laugh - lazy sex!



I got very turned on by my partner, but had a lack of drive and energy to satisfy her. She has MS as well, but her appetite for it still seemed good, so it's seen us drift apart... is a real shame, as together in public, we seemed perfect.



As has already been stated on another thread, theres lots of thing you can try to "re-ignite the flame"! So you cannot manage or feel pleasure from penetrative sex? there are other ways. Touching, stroking, kissing, using fingers, lips, tongues. Try sex toys....it can work and if it gives you/your partne pleasure then, why not? Massage is another skill to learn PLUS we all need relief from achy backs, necks, shoulders, ankles even! So don't despair and think "its all over"....no more sex EVER" Try a sex therapist. The work of Outsiders, a charity that works with all disabilities, has a lot to do with a help-line for ppl who want to discuss this very thing, but find the dr not so helpful



just prior to diagnosis, i asked my husband to leave the marital home.... the thought of sex whilst awaiting diagnosis has been far from my mind.... having said that, im about to embark on a relationship. i have already told him about the condition and he was not at all phased. i dont know when the event will happen... but ive gotta do it just to say i cant lmao! xx



Got to say, if you have a strong relationship with your partner, and there is love on both sides....MS need not be the big stumbling block that it is sometimes perceived as. Whether he/she knew you before/ during/after the diagnosis.... It YOU they love; everything else is part of your journey together. Yeah sometimes life takes you where you didn't expect or even want.....but its LIFE!!!! Chels....your an inspiration! you go girl!



Ladies and gents: last chance to ask your questions on sex - https://shift.ms/2012/06/ask-your-questions-about-sex/ The form closes tomorrow!



If you're feeling a little lacking in "mood" then read Fifty Shades of Grey, It'll get you in the mood (seriously in the mood) and wanting to try new things too! ;)



Anne Widdecombe didn't think so........... :)



My drive is high, partners not so much. Since the MS i'm more of a lie back and think of......!!! No energy to do the old stuff unfortunately!!



In my case, being single with MS for the first time is being tricky ,it feels like women try to maximise their choices..natural i think ..so the possibility of going out with somebody who uses a walking stick are not to appealing .. I really hope to tell you a different thing next week..



Hello all you Msrs out there, After 35 years of sleeping with the same guy, i can still look at him and think wow. There is a saying "If you dont use it, you will lose it" Age is but a number!! Be honest with one and other. Take your time to get there. Janex



My sex drive -or at least my interest in men -definitely nose dived over the past few years, but now seems to have re-awoken itself despite me not being in a serious relationship. Like other "exercise" though, a night of passion does leave me tired and my muscles ache for days.



i know im about to embark on a sexual relationship with my chap... i cant wait... but im a little scared as i dont know if the ms will effect me.... i mean all that trouble and i sleep afterwards for 12 hours? not cool ha ha ha ha xxx



The girls, may find this site useful set up by a female friend of mine who overcame a fairly big challenge when it came to having sex. http://www.fanniesrule.com/ Of course us lads can read it too. Its an inspiring and informative site.



No problem in the energy or drive department...just lost my ability to get the big O!!! Was never EVER a problem before MS reared its ugly head...if I have the time or inclination i can get there but it takes best part of an hour!!