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Tecfidera v Lemtrada

Hi I'm due to start Tecfidera in the next couple of weeks, but wonder whether I should be going at MS harder by starting with Lemtrada. My neurologist is brilliant. I have absolute confidence in him. While I felt drawn to Lemtrada because of its higher effectiveness and the need to only take it annually, my neurologist didn't encourage me towards that option. My impression was that he didn't think the additional risk was necessary at this stage. But I'm starting to think that I'd rather take the risk of side effects than of relapses. I wonder whether I'm making a mistake not going for it with Lemtrada, and whether it's too late now to change my mind. My Tecfidera has been ordered and is due to be delivered next week. Has anyone else with RRMS started with Lemtrada straight away? Was the decision based on the severity of lesion load or evidence of early or frequent relapses? What did your neurologist advise? I'd welcome hearing from anyone with related advice.