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Brain lesion atrophy

Hi everyone The results from a recent MRI showed no new lesions and that several existing lesions had faded. I wasn't sure how common 'fading' lesions are and how to interpret the implications. I came across this article reporting on a five and ten year study, which found that lesion atrophy is a better predictor of disability progression over the long term than new and/or enlarged lesions. That atrophied brain lesions are a more robust predictor of disability progression than whole brain atrophy https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/2018/06/07/atrophy-brain-lesions-predicts-disability-ms-study-finds/ I'm unfamiliar with some of the terminology nuances and would be grateful for information and clarification that others might share. My questions are: - Is fading used interchangeably with shrinking? - Is lesion atrophy visible on an MRI? - Is cerebrospinal fluid visible on MRI? The article mentions lesions being replaced by this. The researchers suggest that accelerated volume of brain lesion atrophy might be a new imaging biomarker, which is very interesting. I do have some worry that my 'fading' lesions' might not be the good news I thought. I'm going to drop my neurologist a line, but interested in any information people might share in the meantime, or to hear from anyone who has also had fading lesions. Thanks