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Medical Cannabis

First post. Anyone tried medical cannabis? I have been around the block since 1974 and taken just about everything. On Tecfidera, and tired of all the pain meds. My doc. has given permission to use medical cannabis. Neuropathy is just killing me. I don't even want to go outside anymore in the summer. Heat makes it worse. Just wanting to know before I get started if anyone has had success?



Yes I took it for leg spasms and it’s helped lots xx @barb_ mueller



Lots of posts. Top left of the page there is a magnifying glass, click it and follow the instructions (its a search)



Yes, I use it daily. I get the tincture for under my tongue when I wake up. I vape and use the tea, and gummies. It does take the edge off the pain and nerve stuff.



@sassymser when you get your cannabis do you ask for a tincture or what? I am totally new to cannabis and do not want to inhale.



Also watching "Life of Seb" on you tube and enjoying and learning. In his 5 year update he comments on being grateful for cannabis and it helping him sleep. Also like other recommendations use the search, there is a lot here on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjiP7Zy850w&list=PL6ER_vJj2m6LvGc6UsWB1pehBPNtEiaTA&index=37&t=4s I haven't tried it but understand it isn't like illegal dope that involves inhaling ;-0 Also there are references to specific strains developed for MS



@okiimomo I always used the website leafly to look up strains and products and you can find dispensaries near you on there and it’ll have the dispensary’s menu posted so you can see all the products they have. Also, when you go to the dispensary just tell them you’re new to all of this and they’ll go over it with you and show you the different products. They’re very knowledgeable on their products and what’s good for what. Just tell them you don’t want anything you’d have to inhale.



@mgilber1 thank you for your rec, I will look leafy up and research some strains.



Just been prescribed it here in Oz (legally). I am still trial and error as to dosage but 2 ml before bed seems to be giving me best results. The oil is 10:10 that I’m trying. It half’s my calf spasticity and reduces the back pain. It’s stopped my spasms and I was getting tasered every morning after waking. That’s gone now. It’s costing me about 100 - 150 quid a month. I’m 2 months in, hoping for further improvements but I’m going to give it 6 months before I cast judgement.