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Post lemtrada infusion

Hello all, I was just looking for anyones advice who has had Lemtrada, I know I have a nurse and neurologist but wanted opinions from those who have had the treatment and what advice they were told regarding isolating after Lemtrada. I was told there was actually no need but everyone I follow on social media who has had Lemtrada and a couple of people I now speak to who have had or are about to have it were advised to stay away from large crowded areas and try to isolate as much as possible for at least a month or so... Just wondering what anyone else was told because I'm very confused! I know you are to go off your own HCPs advice, there is just some conflicting advice even at the hospital. Thanks in advance x

I was told to avoid crowds for at least a month. I felt so lousy I didn't want to leave the house for at least a month anyway, then a month or so after that Covid hit and I was isolating for months on government orders! I think the only thing anyone of us can do is be sensible, do not put ourselves in the path of obvious infection but have a life


@AmandaJJ thanks! Yeah I was told to just go back to normal completely 😬 most posts I've read have said they were told to avoid crowds but when I said about my job (it is very public facing) I was told it was fine and that I didn't even need to wear a mask 🙃😄