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Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some ideas of how to deal with fatigue. I'm studying part time and have been crashing on my off days, sleeping between 12-16hrs 🤯 I'm noticing it's not even impacting my normal sleeping pattern, in that even after all that sleep, I still get tired around my normal time and can go to sleep as usual. This has made me feel like I'm wasting an hour's that I could be doing other things (like catching up on the work I missed, or stuff around the house etc.) I'm not on any meds yet so I'm open to hearing what your experiences are/ have been. Is this my life now? What has worked for you? Are there any supplements I could be taking (I'm on a multivitamin and Vit D)? Thanks in advance 💕

Hi, I sleep most days, and at night. I believe there are some drugs that can help. I think modafinil (not sure if this is correct). I don’t think it is used in UK 🤷‍♀️. Not sure. Sorry not being any help. Hope you can find something that helps. Good luck.


@Clary you did help ☺️ so thank you.