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Undiagnosed update

Hey all hope you are well. I've been enjoying sitting in the background and reading the posts etc. I recently got to see my GP and explained all my symptoms along with a diary I have been completing everyday to A) monitor patterns and B) Record symptoms. My GP was very clear when she felt that I had symptoms that did point in the direction of MS more than anything else. I've currently been waiting 12 months for a neurology appointment following 2 years of other investigations. GP informed me that I would need to expect to wait a further 12months ( 2 years total) for just the initial neurology appointment. My GP told me that it was really important that I got to see someone as quickly as possible and advised me to go private if I could to see someone soon as my condition is worsening quite quickly. I am lucky enough to be able to pay for a private neology appointment and my parents have agreed to support the financing of a private MRI brain and spine MRI. I'll be organising booking the MRI asap. I'm not using a stick pretty much constantly as my numb weak left arm has turned into a numb weak left leg as well. My dizziness and vision problems have not given me a single day of clarity for 3 years now but the physical symptoms are newish and progressively getting worse. Mentally I'm pretty upbeat and just getting on with it. My main frustration is with the NHS and healthcare system in general. What a joke. I feel so sorry for anyone right now trying to get a diagnosis for anything. I'll keep you posted on how things progress.

I'm so sorry you're having to wait this long to be cared for and diagnosed. You have a remarkably positive spirit of gratitude which will serve you very well in this journey.


Jeez. I'm sorry this is so crap for you. Go see Richard Nicholas. He will help you get through an appalling situation.