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Gilenya (fingolimoid)

Hi guys I’m starting the gilenya pills in a week and I’m very anxious about it as my experience with avonex was terrible. I’m just wondering if you guys have any tips on what I should do when I take my first pill? Also I would like to know what you guys experience was with gilenya (if you have ever taken it) what side effects did you get and was it any help to you? Thank you



@abbie_dale , you're much too young to be having to deal with this. Anyway, when you take your first dose, you'll probably be in hospital, attached to a heart monitor. This is just precautionary, as some MSers do experience a temporary, higher heart rate within a short space of time. This monitoring will last about 6 hours.



Hi. I am using Gilenya for last couple years,well I am happy,they suit me. Yes,you will be attached with a heart monitor for few houers.



@abbie.. do not be afraid... Changing from avonex (the devils drug in my opinion) to Gilenya is the nest thing you will ever do... A quick stay in hospital to check your heart, I literally had one flutter? maybe it was some nerves and then you go home... Remember you tab everyday and bob's your uncle.... Ive been on it for almost two years and I cant explain how much better (quality) my life is... no more shitty injections, no more cold fevers and shivers from the avonex... for me, gilenya has had no side effects... maybe more headaches than normal (not sure though)... but please, do not be afraid, you will love this tablet, it will change your quality of life... strongs



Hi @abbie_dale I’ve been on gilenya for a couple of years and I’ve not suffered any side effects. When I started I had to take it in hospital wired up to a heart monitor as there is a very minuscule chance it could effect your heart rate, but at least you’re in the right place. For me there was no problems all I did was sit and read a book. I’m sure there’s nothing for you to worry about. Take care, graham