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Theragun anyone??!

Hi everyone! :) it’s been a good long while since I came on here but I know you’re all such a great collective resource so thought I’d ask! Has anyone used or had a go with a Theragun or similar? I’ve had leg pain and tightness for a good couple years now, but this last few months I’ve noticed a real step-up in muscle tightness and a pinching sort of pain running down my left leg! Granted I’ve not moved a great deal off my sofa and desk in the last year because of working from home and the recent cold weather, but I’m sure it shouldn’t be this uncomfortable or painful! I’ve signed up for weekly yoga sessions starting next week as this has been really helpful in the past for back muscle pain and tight glutes. But I’m trying to look into other non-medicinal ways to manage this myself! Regular massage sessions aren’t really an option due to the cost, so I thought it might make more economical sense to purchase something I can do myself like a Theragun? Has anyone tried this for muscle pain/tightness and has it helped long term to reduce the tight muscles? Thanks! 😊

Hey, I am also looking at it as my quads are beyond stiff and painful. Apparently Christina Applegate rates it, if that counts for anything 😉 - saw a post on Twitter and researched it. Let me know should you get it how you get on.


Hi @srh90 I have a theragun and have been using for spasticity in my thigh. It really packs a punch (no understatement, the higher settings are definitely something to work up to.) It does help with cramping and tightening, it doesn’t make my leg feel normal again but it does give some relief when it’s in full spasm and leaves it a bit more relaxed. I’ve been told resistance training helps too so have just bought some resistance ankle bands. They look like a cross between a torture device and something that should be used in a 3 legged race - with my legs right now I think this spells disaster but if they’re helpful I’ll report back. Good luck with finding some relief.