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Celiac Misdiagnosed as MS?

Hi Everyone! It is so amazing to be part of this incredible community of positive and encouraging MS'ers. Thank you! I came across a very interesting pice of info in the book 'Grain Brain' by Dr. Perlmutter. He was talking about Celiac disease and how it often mimics the neurological symptoms of MS such as numbness in extremities, bladder problems and even lesions on the brain. He says that he is always very cautious when dealing with someone who has MS but also seems to have celiac disease because they may have the wrong diagnosis. Has anyone come across anything like this? Do any of you know that you are gluten intolerant? I really appreciate your insights, Kim

Hi @Kim ! ... Yes! I was made aware of this when trying to discover my problems, I was told by doctors that I didn't have MS (pffft!) over the years and came across "Gluten ataxia" which I thought I may have after a home test proved positive for Celiac and was experiencing all the symptoms .... Docs thought me a hypochondriac of course so I was never officially diagnosed as Celiac and I guess I will never know as I will never eat gluten again to find out for sure! Apparently Gluten Ataxia was only really discovered as an illness 10 years ago but I do wish more awareness was made of it! ... There could be many MSers out there that just need to stop eating gluten! http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/GlutenAtaxia/a/What-Is-Gluten-Ataxia.htm xxx


Hi Cazzy! Thanks so much for the reply. I have being trying to put feelers out everywhere and you are the first person who has confirmed that this is the case. Are you saying that you think you have Gluten Ataxia as well as MS or instead of. Have your MS symptoms cleared up quite a bit since you cut out gluten? I think I'm going to get the celiac test but it means I have to eat gluten for 2 weeks before the blood test. The Dr. said 1 slice of bread would be fine but I'm a bit scared! What are you current symptoms? I'm pretty good at the moment. The last time I had numbness was in July 2013. Just got to steer clear of the gluten! Would be great to stay in touch! Kim