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Black tea effects to body - anyone?

Has anyone noticed black tea to ease ongoing sensations? I’ve had pins and needles in my hands since diagnosis this feb and only once experienced full return of feeling in my body (not sure why and only for a number of hours), after accidentally drinking a iced peach drink with black tea (I usually avoid tea/tannin and coffee)! I seem to have a number of hours of relief. Wondering if others have felt the same. Read its a antibiotic and fights inflammation - though I thought the opposite before!

I think there are natural products out there that absolutely help with symptoms. I suffer from migraines ALOT and for some reason, peppermint helps dull the pain for me. I think a lot of us are used to all the pills and medications they give that we tend to forget about the more natural items that could help too!


I started drinking tea without milk a couple of years ago. I found it has helped with my fatigue. I drink a selection of teas, black and others, works for me. I was advised, several years ago, to reduce my tea and coffee intake. Also helped with my menopause symptoms as I found reducing my dairy intake lessened my hot flushes. If you want a warm drink, then may I suggest a jug of water with lemon and lime slices. I have one sitting in my fridge every week. If I want a warm drink in the evening, I pour a cup and heat it up in the microwave. You can slice both and freeze them. Lemons and limes have health benefits as well.