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Depression - MS or Rebif?

Hi guys. I really should follow discussions here more. I've just started my fourth month of Rebif. No relapses per se, but I’ve had some mild hand tingling and vision issues (my original symptoms), but I woudn't describe it as a relapse based on my previous episodes. This week however, I’ve been feeling nauseated, with a significant headache. I’m used to headaches, but I can’t seem to shake this one. I’ve also found myself on the verge of tears every minute of the day. I’ve never really suffered from depression, or felt this way before. Everything is going well, I’ve just started a new job I’m enjoying, and thought I had come to terms with the diagnosis. I don’t know if I could blame the Rebif for this since I’ve already been on it for 3 months. I also don’t know if it’s the start of another relapse? I'm mostly just confused and feel like crawling into a dark corner somewhere..

@NatalieB , we all have emotions and we need to express them and let the feelings out. Coming to terms with MS is a process, which can take 12 months or more. Also, coming to terms with the Rebif may well take more than 3 months. Depression is also a common side-effect of Rebif. Just be wary that if your original symptoms start "playing up", then this is your body telling you that something is going which your MS doesn't like. It's wise to listen to these warnings and rest up a bit, or generally de-stress.