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No I'm not diagnosed but on a slow process to figure out why is up! I finally had my last testing required for treatment of hep c.Which was a breathalyzer test and drug screen after completing a liver ultrasound was a couple weeks ago. Spaced out bc it costs a pretty penny, and the fact I have no insurance.The upside the hep c meds will be free, and thankfully there is no damage to my liver. Sorry if this turns out long! It's a process bc my Dr seems think hepc causes my migraines. The medicine prescribed 25mg topamax. It seemed to amplify the the numbness I experience sometimes with them. I'm learning the signs of one coming on, which is usually extreme fatigue, brain fog. But it's something I shrug bc even tho I work just part time I'm a mom of 3 and love doing stuff, when health permits. I had a migraine Tuesday, began Monday with sluggish feeling. Tuesday full blown pain, wed good but brain fog, where u are afraid to talk bc the words don't come fast enough. This morning I woke up pain took a BC bc well I want to paint dang it! Not even a few min into painting, my hand starts to feel numb. My head is fine. I have a friend that is freaking out checking on me every other day, bc her sister was having migraines and finally had an MRI done, they found an aneurysm. I don't know where I'm going with all this bare with me. Anyway it's at least a couple more wks before hep c meds. That is a course of 3 months, I'm hoping she sees or is actually listening to me, my next appointment to prep for meds, is gone be more direct! Bc it's rediclus how much I'm put out, then feel crazy when I'm better. maybe this is a vent. Maybe some of u have had similar experience either with symptoms or Dr. Thanks for reading!

Might I add the symptoms go from neck and shoulder pain, and last week I had severe stomach/pelvic pain that I can personally compare to the pain of Kidney stones.but with bloating. Nausea sometimes happens with the migraines along with blurred vision, numbness usually my whole face mostly the right. Not always all symptoms. While back I experienced heavy legs. Hand numbess is totally new, but when I think back years ago I experienced this. So wierd and frustrating.