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Copaxone and weight gain?

Hi everyone, I'm considering medication options and have kind of narrowed it down to copaxone or Plegridy. I've read some horror stories of side effects on both and also conflicting side effects. Some searches say it causes weight gain and others say weight loss?? Also how common is the pitting from injections? I'm very lean and worry about which dmd is best for injecting in lean tissue? Thank you all for any advice.

Hi! I've been on Copaxone since last summer. I chose it because it seemed to have the fewest side effects and I haven't had any that I've noticed. I was told that the key to avoiding pitting is not to inject into the same spot so I have a drafted a spreadsheet to help me do this (I measure from landmarks like my belly button or elbow!). I do get a bit of a reaction on the injection site but nothing unmanageable and it goes down after a couple of days. I inject manually now as it is much gentler and helps with this. I am not lean which I guess helps with any injection but I do know a couple of people on Copaxone who are and don't seem to have any problems although one doesn't inject in her arms for this reason. Everybody is different so unfortunately it might be a case of picking one and then changing if it doesn't suit you. Good luck!


I too chose copaxone because it has the least severe side effects. The pitting is apparently less common if you rotate well and with the 3x weekly injections as opposed to daily. The injector pen it comes with allows for different depth settings dependant on your body mass but I think a lot of people chose to manually inject because you get less severe reaction and have more control. I won't lie, it stings like a b*tch at first and I didn't believe when people told me but it does get easier. I've only been on it since September and it's such a non-event now. I thought about plegridy but for me I opted for the best side effects due to me having mild symptoms. If I was more severe I'd perhaps take the chance on plegridy but I can always move up the dmts if I need to. You will be assigned a nurse too who will visit to show you how to inject and work out what's best for you. I find if I inject too close to muscle I get cramping for a few hours but it's all trial and error x