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When I Was Diagnosed…

For months, I was experincing numbness and tingling on the right side of my body, accompanied by double vision, intense headaches, and a shit sleep schedule. I ingorantly assumed it was in relation to the hazardess air quality here in Southern Oregon, and lack of protein. HAH. I hate hospitals and have not been in once since my dad traumatically passed away two years ago. PTSD is a real bitch.
I live in a different state than my mother and sister, but they convinced me to see a doctor. After visiting urgent care, I was sent to the ER, where I spent 12+ hours awaiting results from my damn near millions of tests. I was so exhausted, my body was pissed at me. I was given a CT and MRI on the spot and of course 100 effin blood tests. By the end of the day, my ER doctor regretfully informed me that she made an appointmet for me to meet with a neurologist. What the actual fuuuu.
My polka dot brain, neck, and spinal area made me cry for a solid .2 seonds and still .2 seconds at times… but MS does not have me, I have MS. It will be a battle, but it’s one that I will win.

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1 year ago

@jeslyn_mauriello , a positive attitude is good, but don’t lock horns with MS, it is a formidable enemy. Consider living in harmony with your MS, rather than continually fighting it. 😉

@stumbler I greatly appreciate that mindset! 🙂

1 year ago

Hello @jesslyn_mauriello, yes, there’s that classic phrase ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’! I am on Tecfidera too and it’s going OK. Your fighting spirit is your best tool. But, do allow yourself the space and time to absorb this diagnosis, it takes a while. There are lots of tips on here in previous posts (use the search function). Ice to meet you, happy weekend!

1 year ago

Hi there – I do have very similiar attitude to yourself. It’s something iv’e got but I’m not going to let it define me or stop me doing what I want to do. I don’t even take aspirin for a headache I suppose mainly because I don’t get them but I have over the last few months read quite a bit and followed stories on shift ms I am amazed at just how many people are affected by it …. But I am thinking at this point that it’s time to take the future seriously and consider going on tec …. It’s a big decision for me but I’m trying to see the bigger picture and do what’s best for my husband / kids & me

I told my pharmacotherapist (one of the doctors that helped me choose my meds) that I didn’t want to be on medication at all because my symptoms weren’t bad. He wasn’t surprised that I said that, but assured me that the medication was preventative and it’s best to get ahead of the relapses rather than wait for them to effect me. Made sense. Tec is really easy on me, copaxone messed me up. But Tec working 🙂 best of luck to you and your decision!!

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