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Update at last!!

So finally saw my neurologist today. He said that I have RRMS which is what we thought!
As I am still suffering with migraines frequently he wants to put me on Beta-Blockers to sort that out first then think about starting on Tecfidera after another MRI.This time spinal as well as brain. Also been diagnosed with under active thyroid so also on Thyroxine.Anyhow finally feels like I’m getting somewhere after roughly a year of uncertainty 🤔
Hope your all doing ok?

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8 months ago

@dmt727 , whilst nobody wants a diagnosis of MS, sometimes it’s a relief so that you can move forward with your life.

8 months ago

Had the head myself. The beta blockers do work. Mine was monthly for obvious reasons, no longer need them because of good old nature but I agree with Stumbler you wouldn’t wish ms in anybody but being told you’re not going nuts with strange symptons. You can now move on. Keep us posted about how things are going.😍

8 months ago

@dmt727 – like they said. I have had MS 25y. It is not the end of the world. I just view it as an occasional royal pain in the ass at times. I hate having to rest so much. Too much to do.

Lovely people here. You may fiind that people come out of the woodwork, quite unsolicited but well meaning, with all kinds of, “I read in the paper” type remarks. Remember that anytime something about MS makes it into the mainstream press the standard of science reporting is usually pretty poor. Take anything in the popular media with a huge grain of salt.

Run any info past your nurses (be sure to engage with them – they are wonderful) and/or doctor. They have the scientifoc training to parse the claims and help you understand them better.

If you allow yourself to be susceptible to the MS versions of gossip and hearsay it makes it a tougher journey. Be sceptical, but be engaged.

Great MS Reporters videos on here with conversations with the leaders in the field. V. interesting stuff.



illegitimi non carborundum – has served me well 😉 (Google it if necessary)

8 months ago

@grandma – what worries me about the beta-blockers are the lowering of heart rate? The consultant didn’t really say how long I might have to stay on them or anything? I’m guessing it will depend on how I am on them?
Anyhow thanks for reply 😘

@dominics thanks 😉 I will indeed need to ‘Google lol although I do have a suspicion 🤔

8 months ago

Hello @dmt727, welcome aboard. The Thyroxine should help stabilise any sluggishness so that should help you feel better. It’s great to finally get out of limboland, that’s the worst feeling. I take Tecfidera and have a,so taken Amitriptyline for years to combat my headaches. Amitrip is also good for helping with sensory symptoms too so it may well work for you now you have an MS diagnosis. Take care, sleep well, Google less, exercise plenty but in moderation, and eat healthy. Be good to yourself x

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