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the common cold…bit of a rant, sorry!

a bit of a rant, but some questions at the end!

… so, to set the scene, I’m fortunate enough to be able to work, and work in an open plan office with plenty of co-workers…

one day last week, unbeknownst to me at the time, someone came in with a ‘sniffle’, which stated to be shared amongst some of the guys on the otherside of the office… and I guess that’s not unusual. Just a couple of sneezes, nothing to worry about right…

But then my weak immune system pops it’s head up and is like “ooh, I want a piece of that action”

…cut to a couple of days later and I’m taking time off from work and unable to walk, or basically do anything, all because of this damn trivial cold… and it’s August for gods sake!
Not even winter yet…

anyway, i’m about 75% back to normal, after 2 days off and a weekend, so that’s my sickness allowance gobbled up – thanks co worker buddies!

How do you guys deal with avoiding illness?
Is it possible to minimize/any tips?
Or is it all just down to the roll of the dice?!

yours sincerely,
Disgruntled in the South


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5 months ago

@poorusernamechoice , anti-bacteria handgel. Buckets of the stuff!

Your neighbour in the south. 😉

5 months ago

I work full time, and often come across those brave individuals who come into work with cold and share the experience with all.

As I work in a University, I also get the added mix of a few thousand new students arriving every autumn which results in an annual “flu season” to contend with.

I share your annoyance with the whole situation.

5 months ago

I’m one of these rare individuals that never gets sick with anything…and I can even say that and not get sick and even not get the flu vaccines and not get sick. Basically my immune system is so strong it attacks itself just for a challenge!

5 months ago

I am going back to work tomorrow..same thing. A cold kicks my butt now

5 months ago

I’m the same, any illness/infection whacks me off my feet! I don’t think there’s a way of avoiding these things unless you lived in a bubble.. Just good hand hygiene and possibly a face mask but I’m just guessing

5 months ago

Don’t forget the all important flu jab @poorusernamechoice. Also, the basics of maintaining a healthy diet, with regular sleep and exercise to keep as resilient as possible. I work in a school, so basically a nightmare!

5 months ago

@stumbler – good call on the hand gel, I’ll pop to boots later!
I think I’ll start roling in the stuff 🙂

5 months ago

I had that summer cold too. As I work on supermarket till it is a daily hazard being sneezed on by customers, and many of them were suffering too. The trouble is that some employers frown on sickness and make you feel guilty for taking time off work. I try to keep my sickness record down because of the dreaded “back to work” interview.

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