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Someone help me please

Can someone please give me advise? I have not been diagnosed wirh MS bur i have like all symptoms. I am in unbearable pain im chest back right arm legs. Ive had ir for 2 months and its getting worse. I can only stand now for like 5 mins my legs get tired ans i get so short of breathe. Food getting stuck in throat i am now not making it to bathroom. Im only 49 and my body hurts bad. I also cannot remember anything. I also have had hallucinations. Does this sound like possibly MS? Please someone give me advise. Im sick of er keep doing cat scans chest exray tell me im fine its anxiety cause i shake god bless

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4 months ago

Sounds like something… MS… well I am far from qualified to say.
I would suggest discussing your various issues with your GP and asking for an MRI referral. That would give you a definitive idea if it is MS.

4 months ago

I think you need to have your heart checked.

4 months ago

Keep going to your GP darling. They know you best.

Its abit of a trial and error the more you go the more things they can rule out.

Your GP can prescribe nerve pain killers like Gabapentin and Amitryptyline.

Also do a peak flow if you are getting breathless and ecg is fine.

I am also under investigation at the moment. And i got breathlessness and they checked my ecg it was fine.

4 months ago

Also you could be deficient in b12. take a b12 supplement or test.

4 months ago

@kim_alexander-goodwin , as suggested above, it could be anything and you need the correct medical advice. We are not really in a position to suggest a diagnosis MS or not.

All we can say is that some of the symptoms do sound like MS, but these symptoms also present in various other conditions too.

What tests have you had so far?

4 months ago

The ER never did an MRI? Do you have neurologist? If not I’d have your primary refer you to one. It took a few neuro appts and ER appts before someone took me seriously as well. The neuro told me it was just anxiety and somehow the brain MRI he did without contrast only supposedly showed up normal yet two days later in the ER it was filled with lesions.

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