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Single mums, ms and work?

Hi, guess this goes out mainly to single parents! I have split from husband, have 2 children (4 and 7). I need to get work. Do U go part or full time? I don’t want to let ms stop me having full time job but am I gonna stress/push myself too much? No help with kids either!!! Thoughts? X

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10 months ago

@geordie57 , I’m a parent, but not single, although we do have quite a few Forum members in your situation.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to your question as MS affects us all differently.

A lot depends on the type of the job that you are considering, how physical it is and how stressful it is. Your main considerations are obviously your children and maintaining, or increasing, your income whilst maintaining your health.

It’s all a balancing act………….

10 months ago

Working from home would be ideal, is there any kind of training program offered in your area for handicapped people. Potter

10 months ago

Is money an issue? If not then part time is ideal, it will give you time to nap if necessary, and recharge the batteries before the offspring erupt at 3.00! Seriously though, wotking mornings is ideal because you have to get the kids up and to school, so as you’re up and ready, it may as well be then. If you then start to flag you can have a rest before the afternoon onslaught. You don’t say how long you’re dxd or wether you’re on treatment, Have

10 months ago

Hi, thanks for reply’s! Diagnosed 2011 rrms! On Avonex injection once a week! I feel fit and well, get tired but that’s two full on loud children! X

10 months ago


Depends on what you want to do chick?I work in a school Monday to Friday, 3 full days and two mornings. I’m on the go all the time but of the two afternoons I have off, I’ll nap before I pick up the munchkins or I’ll go for a walk or something to wind down abit. I’ve found that I don’t sweat about the cleaning as much these days, as long as it doesn’t look like a bomb has gone off it’s fine.
I think I have the balance right, means I can do my job and still have energy for the munchkins as it’s only really tiredness I struggle with somedays.

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