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Newby struggling with ongoing symptoms!

Hi all.
I was diagnosed with MS in May this year after a relapse. They think I’ve had MS for approximately 12 years unknowingly.
Since May I’ve been really struggling with chronic fatigue. MS nurses have advised me that I need to learn way to manage this as I work full time & have a young son too. I’m wondering how people manage this as after a full week working by the Thursday I am dead on my feet& & even having the weekend to rest I still am not recovering from this. It’s really starting to get me down as nothing I’m trying is making things better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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4 months ago

@carole-ann_scott I really feel your pain. I have 2 young children and work 4 days a week. I can’t offer any magic fixes I’m afraid, but is working a 4 day week an option for you. I find that having Friday to myself is a great help. It keeps me going through the week knowing that I can just lie down all day on the Friday if I need to. I don’t always need to, in which case I can clean the house.

Online shopping is a great help. I find supermarkets a nightmare. Sensory overload. End up getting all the wrong things and forgetting the bog roll! Online all the way, and it reminds you what you bought last time which helps jog the memory.

Prioritise your jobs and let go of the unnecessary. Don’t iron anything that you don’t REALLY need to. Get easy food (ready chopped veg, easy microwave meals etc). Get to bed early. I head to bed at 9.30 quite often. When the kids go to bed it is quite tempting to stay up late and have some adult time (not like that!!!). But sleep is so important.

If you can afford it, get a cleaner.

And finally, don’t feel guilty about doing nothing.

Hope that helps xx

4 months ago

Hi, thank you for replying.
I have put a request in at work to reduce days to 4 with a day off on a Wednesday to break up the week. My job is full on & stressful as I’m a psychiatric nurse so pressure is constant. I’m discussing different things that can be put in place to help reduce stress as much as possible.

I go to bed at the same time as my son to relax so usually chilling for 8pm @ lights out at 9.45! I’m a single mum so im the only one to do everything house wise! Just feel that I have lost a part of me with this 😔 x

4 months ago

I only work 2.5 days a week and take my hat off to anyone who can work more. I have a rule to do nothing else on the days I work and make sure I either have dead easy meals or get my husband to cook on these evenings. I also have a cleaner who blitzes the place every two weeks. I also rarely iron clothes ( my boys school shirts are always non iron). My eldest is 12 and he is frequently tasked with peeling potatoes and chopping veg. Everyone in the house helps out. Hope things get easier, I’m on Tecfidera I found it helpful with easing fatigue, although I wouldn’t say I was of the worst cases

4 months ago

When I got extremely fatigued and burned out, I started changing my diet drastically which really changed everything. Try to eat very healthy and you will notice it in your energy levels for sure!

Lot’s of veggies and fruit are the way to go.
Try to steer clear from: Refined Carbs, Gluten, Sugar, Saturated Fats etc…

This worked for me, but there’s lot’s of information out there on diet change
(Whals Protocol) and opinions vary, so don’t blindly follow my advice but dig into to the books 😉

Good luck!

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