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Hi all,
So i am recently diagnosed with ms as of june this year. Ive read so much about it but still do hazy, it seems to have such a powerful& uncomfortable grip on me already. Maybe that will pass as i get more ‘used’ to it.
I was wondering have many ppl had to adapt their lives ie working hours/ patterns since being diagnosed and how to balance full time work, 2 children& feeling totally drained of all energy? Or has anyone found the key to keeping on top if it…if there is such a thing??

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1 year ago

Hi @manchesterms
Welcome to the club!
I watched one a classic film the other day…
The wizard of oz.
I’m guessing your feeling a bit like Dorothy crash landing in MS world!
That’s what it felt like for me.
I’ll warn you now stay away from Dr Google! Only read reputable sites like this or MS trust and the likes.
Google is full of lions, tigers and bears oh my!
You find loads of advice and suggestions here.
I’m sure the more adult members will be a long soon
Welcome again!

1 year ago

Hello @manchesterms and welcome, although it always sounds weird welcoming people to this type of forum! One thing about MS is that it is really affected by stress as this can overload our already compromised systems. When you are newly diagnosed, the temptation is often to try to look further ahead, start planning and fretting about the future. If I could recommend one thing, it would be to slow right down and take a breath whilst you begin to absorb this shock of a diagnosis. Being a parent, you will be used to taking one day at a time and whatever comes with it. Until you have processed this new interference, just focus on being as healthy and balanced as you can. Accept all help and support that is around you. The early temptation that I found, was to push myself to prove that I could still do things. That kind of endurance testing can come later; in your profile you haven’t written an MS type of medication, so I assume that things are unfolding. Anyway, there is a lot of support for you here, whatever youthing, feel of worry about, it’s a guarantee that someone here will have experienced the same! All the best x

You don’t have to tell your workplace, I guess there are advantages each way. Employment law is there to protect you, so until you are a bit more certain, don’t rush to make decisions. You will need to inform DVLA if you are a driver though, as most of us have to have our licences renewed every three years as standard. It’s no fuss and doesn’t cost anything. Another thing I gave myself everyday, was the chance to wallow in thoughts and fretting for 25 minute a day and that was the limit. Then, if stuff cropped up, I’d have to write it on the list for the next day!

1 year ago

Hi @manchesterms and welcome.

I can’t add much to the advice already offered. It is now a question of discovering the new you. Once you have accepted the new you, things can calm down a bit. Although, it may take a wee bit of time to get to this stage. Just be patient with yourself.

1 year ago

Hi @manchesterms and welcome. I’m one if the old codgers, I’ve had the beast for 25 years, was dxd before there was any DMT available, and before the employment law was changed, so after a couple of years trying to find someone who would employ me, I gave up and did charity work instead. I ran the house, looked after my daughter and lived normally. I had rrms at the time, finally went on Avonex when NICE said yes all those years ago and it worked fine for a lot of years. Last yr rr became spms, but I was told that would happen in ten to fifteen yrs, and it took twenty three, so not complaining. You have only just been diagnosed, there are a lot of DMT choices today and the dxd is no longer the life sentence it used to be. You need to sit back, chill out, have a cuppa and not worry about it, stress is a killer with ms. You will slowly work out what your body likes and dislikes, you will learn to take naps when you can, pace yourself, be kind to yourself, with the best will in the world loved ones, family and colleagues never fully understand what we’re going through which is where this site comes in. Here you can rant, moan, celebrate, cry, you are not doing anything we haven’t already done ourselves and we don’t judge. Ask anything you want, if we don’t know the answer we know a man who does, usually Stumbler who will be along soon I have no doubt. And remember, there is no such thing as a silly question with ms!😍

1 year ago

Sorry Stumbler is already here, beaten me to it again😍

1 year ago

Hi @manchesterms
I did say the adults will be along soon.
You’ve met the wizard,
And the good witches of the north and south!
And me the lion put em up put em up.

1 year ago

Thankyou all! Im just having a really wobbly day where everything is heightened so in turn fills me with fear.
I very much need to live in the moment and not worry ahead as i have quickly learnt that stress is a massive trigger!
Thanks again!

1 year ago

Welcome 🙂

I was also diagnosed in June. I continue to work full-time and have 2 kiddies, it is possible just now and that’s fine for me. We never know what the future will hold but think positively. I have no plans of giving up work any time soon or without a fight.

Stay strong x

1 year ago

I got diagnosed 2 years ago and only just started DMD yesterday! I battle with stress and worry on a daily basis and I can tell u that it is completely normal to feel how you are feeling. I have found a huge comfort in this group it has helped me more than I thought it initially would have, and I can say what I feel and get great advice! I am still working 50 hours a week since my diagnosis, it doesn’t mean the end for everything 😌 dealing with this does take time but as the others have said listening to your own body and being able to just get anything you feel off your chest does make it a lot easier to deal with! Xxx

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