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New to disease don't know what to expect

Recently diagnosed. I have a lack of balance as my only symptom. What should I expect. Dr. won’t give me medication untill he can evaluate his own MRI. I’ve done 2 already a cat scan and a spinal tap. I’m a nervous 37 year old who was told this past October. It’s hard being able to do something your whole life with no problem and all of a sudden you cannot anymore. Just curious of what I have in store for I guess the rest of my life.

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5 months ago

Hi @ryan_lowder, you are in a bad place but at least your been diagnosed, we call those that are waiting for that as being in ‘limboland’. You have the dxd, but with ms the neuros like to get it right. There is such a wide range of DMT’s, none of them cure ms, but they all try and stop or slow down progression. Ms is no longer the life sentence it used to be, so take heart. The wheelchair is no longer a given in years to come like it used to be. Have you been assigned an ms nurse? As a rule they are fonts of all knowledge and can be very useful on a day to day basis. I’m 63, have had the beast for 27 years, only took to a wheelchair/ scooter for outside trips 18 months so, had 23 years ‘on my feet’ raising family etc., and there was little or no choice with DMT’s then so very grateful that I got one on trial all those years ago. They changed my medication just over a year ago from Beta- Inferon ( which I had been on for 23 years) to Tecfidera. But being given a list, nearly as long as your arm, to chose from was a bit if a shock! I didn’t know there was such a choice. When the Neuro makes his selection you don’t have to ‘go with the flow’ do your homework in advance, ask questions, if a particular medication is termed as right for you there will be plenty on Shift who can help. He the spyglass facility top left if the page and you will lots of info. You are not alone, there are lots of us here, loads of different ages, different types of ms, lots of experience. Good luck and keep posting😜👂

5 months ago


Hope you do not mind; I checked out your Facebook page. Beautiful dog, great friends (some who know about MS) & you are a nice, well-rounded person. I point this out because no matter what life throws your way (MS or whatever), you have a solid base of support. Never do anything to destroy your base…

Regarding the MS; your Dr. is still conducting tests so you are in the waiting phase to find out which type of MS & recommended treatment. In the meantime, relax & ensure you have the proper diet.

Drugs of choice bought off the shelf are Omega 3-6-9 (fish supplements), Vitamin D, and Magnesium (to stop leg cramps). No red meat (fish & chicken instead), no bread, no milk, no eggs, etc… After a while, this is no big deal; just a change of mindset.

In the meanwhile, continue enjoying life & the Chiefs games with your friends… 😉

5 months ago

Hello @ryan_lowder, yes that feeling of suddenly stopping you in your tracks is a real shocker. Lots of good advice above. Take your time, and you will get into your groove when you’re ready. As you probably know already, no two pathways are the same in this business. The best thing you can do is eat healthily, exercise with moderation, and try to avoid stress at all costs. As for the rest of your life, you can have everything you want if you put your mind to it; it’s just that from time to time, you might have to take a different route to get there! Be stay purposeful and look after yourself x

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